70 Years of experienced, reliable and heavy duty hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in 9 industries.

Kayahan is an expert in engineering and manufacturing heavy duty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders according to customers’ requirements. The advantage of the company is to manufacture big volume and large-size hydraulic cylinders in a short period of time.

    About Us

    Kayahan was founded in 1950 in Turkey and has the largest dimensional capacity of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing in Turkey. Kayahan is in 100.000 m2 of which 32.000 m2 is closed area. Today, 80% of the hydraulic cylinder production is exporting to EU countries.

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    Green Factory

    We care about the environment and generate our own energy.

    858 Thousand Liters

    We reduced the carbon gas emitted when 858 thousand liters of fuel were consumed.

    1 Million KGs

    We achieved a reduction as much as the carbon gas emitted when burning 1 million kilograms of coal.

    233 Houses

    By generating our own energy, we reduced the amount of carbon gas emitted by 233 houses in a year.

    33.320 Saplings

    We contributed to nature at a rate equivalent to growing 33,320 saplings in 10 years.

    Kayahan World
    Reliable corporation in Over 50+ Countries
    Involved Industries
    Construction & Industrial Equipments
    Cement & Mining
    Hydraulic Press
    Dam Gates
    Iron & Steel Industry
    Earth Moving Machinery
    Why Kayahan

    Expertise On Engineering

    Expert in heavy duty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders according to customer requirements.

    Easy Adaptation

    High elasticity and agility for easy adaptation to customer requests and needs.

    Experienced Team

    Over 70 years of experience and innovative strong technical team.

    Inhouse Facilities

    Cr plating, honing, deep hole drilling, welding.


    Exporting %85 of production to fifty countries; mainly US and EU countries.

    Quality Standarts

    ISO 9001 quality management, EN 1090-2 welding acceptance, ISO 3834 welding management and production in accordance with TURQUM product standards.

    Production Capacity

    Having capacity up to 3m diameter or 23m length.

    Measurement Skills

    Nearly 2000 pieces of measurement tools.

    Sevda Kayhan Yılmaz
    CEO’s Message

    Our industrial hydraulic cylinders are built to work in the toughest conditions. Developing solutions in partnership with our customers has allowed us to continually create and expand our portfolio of hydraulic cylinders that meet global safety standards for any environment you work in.

    Kayahan engineers and manufactures the hydraulic cylinders more capable for safety and reliability. This gives you smarter, cost-optimized solutions with an extended lifecycle and intelligent components.

    Standard Model physicist Steven Weinberg, who passed away in 2021, says, “If a horse breeder looks at a horse and says it is beautiful, he does not say it out of aesthetic concerns, he has seen and trained many horses, and he knows from experience that this horse can win a race.” Craftsmanship is like this in industry; It is possible to do your job with love and care by using the experience of years and to transfer what you know to future generations. Our aim is not only to produce cylinders, but also to prove that every stage of production can be done with respect to the environment and people, protecting its stakeholders, honest and profitable.

    We will continue to manufacture with the same responsibility and discipline as we learned from our ancestors.

    Lets take the advantages of 70 years of experienced team and one of the biggest hydraulic cylinder manufacturer company in the world

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